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PIP267-HPR300 MFG #: 267-HPR300
$90.98 / BX (100)
  • Design: Uncorded
  • Shape: Self-Sealing Flange and Disc
  • Specifications Met: ANSI S3.19-1974
  • Noise Reduction Rating: 25 dB
  • Reusable or Disposable: Reusable
  • Plug Color: Lime
  • Plug Material: Thermoplastic Elastomer
  • Size: Universal
  • Application: Construction, Dirty Environments, Manufacturing, Surveillance and Workshops
  • Attributes (Y): Y
  • Image (Y): Y
Pack: 1/BX
  • Item Features
  • The corded HPR300 is easy to store when not in use and an individual carrying case promotes good hygiene
  • Also practical in areas where a cord may be hazardous
  • The smooth, dirt-repellent surface of TPE plugs can be cleaned using soap and water
  • This is ideal for dirty working environments, preventing minor injuries and irritation
  • It is created in a pre-formed shape and requires no rolling, making them easy to put on
  • Its moderate noise reduction blocks out hazardous noise yet allows warning signals and voices to be clearly understood
  • Avoid minor injuries and irritation with a smooth, dirt-repellent surface
  • Combination of sealing flanges and discs for best wearing comfort and attenuation
  • Stiffened shaft makes insertion easy and avoids contact with the parts inserted into the ear
  • Natural sound image and excellent for speech clarity and comprehension
  • Reusable, which makes these ear plugs very cost effective
  • Easy to store in the packet when the plugs are not in use
  • The ear plugs can be cleaned with mild soap and water
  • Uncorded style the most economical option, and mainly for one time use