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Why Customer Managed Inventory?

Successful inventory management is a tough task so, fortunately, there is a system out there that can take a lot of pain out of the process ~ Mars Supply Customer Managed Inventory or CMI for short. Do you spend too much time using outdated methods for inventory management or purchase order processing? Learn how Mars CMI can streamline and better organize your daily purchasing process. It’s so simple that the only thing you need to provide is the Wi-Fi connection. It doesn’t get any easier than that!

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Features and Benefits of the Mars Supply CMI Program

Features and benefits of the Mars Supply CMI Program

... and if that’s not enough, there’s more ...

What is Provided by Mars Supply?

  • iPad with Case
  • Kiosk-Mode Password
  • Bluetooth Scanner
  • In-Person Training + Instructional Documents
  • Product Barcode Labels

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Current Customer Testimonials ~ See what others are saying!

“Mars built a new barcode scanning system to fit our needs. Their new iPad fits comfortably in your hand while using the scanner to scan barcodes. I can then easily look at the item on the iPad and enter the correct quantity — something I could not do before. I then proceed to my checkout and my order is sent to my Supervisor for approval. We use a blanket P.O. and are billed on one combined invoice at the end of each month.” ~ Craig Hadley, Syntegon

“Mars Supply has done wonders for Machining Specialists over the years but what they’ve done for me recently has truly streamlined my process of buying tooling and other supplies. Mars installed a new customer managed inventory supply program and outfitted me with an iPad, scanner, and labels to make my ordering a breeze. We’re a smaller company which means we all have to wear a lot of hats to accomplish our goals and by taking time out of my tool ordering process, Mars Supply has done just that for us. A big thanks to Craig Hammond, Andrew Watters and Pete Naleid and the rest of the inside staff for getting us to our goals!” ~ Todd Olson, Machining Specialists

Is CMI right for you?

Reach out to your Mars Supply representative or CONTACT US to discover how CMI can benefit you and your business. ASK FOR A FREE DEMO TODAY!

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