Mars Supply Sump Cleaner Rental Program

NEW! Sump Cleaner Rental Program

Mars Supply is excited to launch a NEW value-added service — our Sump Cleaner Rental Program

Partnering with Master Fluid Solutions, we now rent a high-suction sump vacuum with enough power to remove fluid and heavy sludge from CNC coolant/oil tanks. 

With our daily rental option, you can use the CECOR® Sump Shark® SE15-60PL when you need to clean out machines quickly. If you don’t have the space or capabilities for maintaining your own sump cleaner, just rent one when you need it!

Why Rent?
When making the rent vs. buy decision, consider how often the equipment will be used. If it’s not an item that will not be used frequently or if it’s a specialty piece of equipment, then rental is often the more cost-effective solution.

Regular hassle-free sump cleaning improves industrial and metalworking processes, lowers costs, and prevents contamination and quality-control problems before they start.

Sump cleaning techniques

Your Cost?
For just $75 per day*, you can keep your sumps clean and odor-free. Cleaning your dirty sumps faster, better and safer while filtering fluids means:

  • Less machine downtime
  • Less labor and mess
  • Less fluids used
  • Less costs = MORE SAVINGS!

*NOTE: If you are replacing your current coolant/oils with Master Fluid Solutions products, the sump cleaning service is NO CHARGE to assist with the transition.

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What Are You Waiting For?
The CECOR® Sump Shark® SE15-60PL electric sump cleaner uses existing shop electricals to vacuum chips, swarf, sludge and fluids from dirty sumps. Clean up your machine tools sumps smarter, faster and safer with a Sump Shark®! It’s time to ditch the grueling pail-n-shovel or Shop-Vac process. CONTACT US to see if our new Sump Cleaner Rental Program is right for you.