PIP Leaders in Hand Protection and PPE

Leaders in Hand Protection and PPE

PIP® is a U.S. based company that was established in 1984 as a supplier of gloves. Today, PIP® is a global PPE leader in worker safety with a diversified product line of over 5,000 products including head-to-toe protection for the Industrial Safety, Construction Safety, Welding Safety, Food Safety and Electrical Safety markets. PIP® is dedicated to delivering innovative safety products that keep workers safe and performing their best while providing a best-in-class customer experience.


Extensive Product Portfolio


Close To Home Manufacturing Solutions

PIP’s five U.S. based manufacturing facilities deliver safety solutions that are tailored to customer needs. These factories work with PIP’s product managers, specialists and field quality control technicians to ensure the highest level of product performance and secure proprietary technologies that support being first-to-market.



Your Trusted Partner

With nearly forty years of Safety expertise, industry-leading brands, quality products and best-in-class customer service, PIP® is your trusted partner in Safety. Today, when we say that we are Bringing the Best of the World to You® it’s not just about products; it’s about knowledge, our long-standing history of developing innovative products that protect end-users and our commitment to serving our customers better than anyone else in the market.



Markets We Serve


Industrial Safety

The industrial manufacturing sector remains a pillar of America’s economic strength. PIP's wide range of head-to-toe products meets and surpasses industry standards. PIP® proudly supports the industrial sector by providing personal safety equipment that is designed to be the last line of defense.                                            jlkjlkjlkj

Construction Safety

Dynamic and colossal, the construction market accounts for nearly 4% of America’s GDP. Construction is one of the highest at-risk industries to work in, making PPE a crucial factor in reducing risks. PIP® offers a full line of personal protective equipment that protects construction workers from the hazards and elements they face daily.

Welding Safety

Welding is an inherently dangerous occupation that requires choosing the right protection to minimize safety risks, maximize worker productivity and optimize the quality of the weld. PIP® offers the right product designed specifically for protecting professional welders that are tailored to work in the toughest applications.

Food Safety

Ensuring safety in food processing, production and preparation requires a systems approach to prevent contamination and worker injury. PIP® offers a comprehensive line of PPE designed to protect workers and thwart contamination.                                                 hkjhkj

Electrical Safety

Electrical contractors and utility workers across sectors account for 57% of fatal electric occupational injuries, while 43% falls to industrial electricians alone. Keep utility workers and electricians safe with PIP’s trusted range of head-to-toe flame resistant, ARC rated and dual-certified PPE.