Reduce Tool Change Downtime in Swiss Machining with a Modular Solution!

When working in Swiss machining, due to the smaller product, tool changes can create a lot of downtime in your production. Utilize toolholders that allow you to keep the tool body in place and only remove the head of the tool for faster, more efficient tool changes. Check out some of the benefits of the Quick Change (QC) Modular Swiss Machining toolholder system from Seco Tools.

Seco Quick Change (QC) Modular Swiss Machining toolholder system.

When Insert Indexing and Chip Evacuation is a Problem

Insert indexing and chips can bring your high-volume, small-part turning operations on Swiss-style machines to an immediate halt. Constrictive workspaces and multiple tools situated in extremely proximity to one another make insert indexing difficult, time consuming and inefficient. At the same time, poor chip evacuation leads to reduced tool life for toolholders and cutting inserts.

Eliminate Inefficient Indexing

Tight machine workspaces make accessing and removing screws very difficult. Because of its modular design, the Modular QC Toolholder eliminates the difficulty of indexing small inserts as the system allows you to change the insert outside the machine which reduces the risk of very small screws and inserts dropping down into the machine.

Keep Chips from Stopping Your Production

Chips can hinder unmanned small-part operations on Swiss-style machines and continuously cause production stoppages. Efficiently evacuate chips with Seco Jetstream Tooling® and Seco Jetstream Tooling® Duo technologies incorporated into the Seco Modular QC Toolholder.

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