3MA7000121661 MFG #: 7000121661
$18.28 / BX
  • Width: 6"
  • Length: 9"
  • Pad Color: Gray
  • Grade: Ultra Fine
  • Grain Material: Aluminum Oxide
  • Application: For clean, blend, finish, polish and prepare surface application
  • Application Material: Carbon Steel, Paint and Plastic
  • Attributes (Y/N): Y
  • Image (Y/N): Y
Standard Abrasives™ ultra fine hand pad can be used by hand to lightly clean, blend, finish, polish and prepare surfaces for paint or other coatings. Ultra fine silicon carbide mineral is especially well suited for finishing and stainless steel applications. This versatile pad can be used on metal, composite or plastic surfaces and can be used wet or dry. Recommended applications the Standard Abrasives™ ultra fine hand pad is a non-woven abrasive pad with the flexibility to fully cover contours as well as get into tight corners, ridges and other uneven surfaces. It offers lightweight abrasive action, making it a great option for many maintenance and repair operations (MRO). Use it by hand or with a hand pad holder. A steel wool alternative the ultra fine hand pad is a convenient alternative to steel wool, files, scrapers, wire brushes and sandpaper sheets. The high grade resin system is strong and durable, yet the open web is soft and pliable. Nylon fibers on the pad will not splinter, as steel wool tends to do, which helps enhance operator comfort and safety. The fibers are interspersed with sharp, silicon carbide abrasive mineral that fractures quickly and leaves a fine finish. As the nylon fibers break down, fresh mineral is exposed, so the abrasive cuts sharper for longer. As you apply even and persistent pressure, a consistent scratch pattern is revealed. These non-woven fibers are also spongy and responsive, so they minimize gouging or marring of the workpiece. Ease of use the Standard Abrasives™ ultra fine hand pad may be used dry, with solvents or with water-based detergents, depending on your application and project needs. Using these compounds may help wash away unwanted swarf and debris while you clean. Moreover, the pad can be washed between uses for repeated use, without rusting. To enhance grip and help reduce operator fatigue, the hand pad can be fastened to a hand pad holder. The 6 x 9 in pad may also be cut and shaped to fit smaller surface areas if desired. With up to 60 pads per case, the need for ordering replacements may also be reduced. Quality Standard Abrasives™ solutions for industrial applications the Standard Abrasives™ brand has supplied quality abrasives to the metalworking industry for over 50 years. Customers can rely on high performance products including coated, bonded and non-woven abrasive lines.
  • Item Features
  • Durable non-woven, open web construction won't shred, rust or splinter like steel wool
  • Flexible pad easily conforms to contours and reaches into tight spaces for hand applications
  • Waterproof, rust proof pad can be used with solvents, washed and re-used
  • Ultra fine silicon carbide mineral removes light oxidation and rust
  • A good alternative to steel wool, files, scrapers, wire brushes and sandpaper sheets
  • Pre-cut 6 in x 9 in size eliminates need to cut rolls