Mars Supply is the only Lenox Certified Weld Center in the Twin Cities! We will weld custom Lenox blades to length, providing quick customer service and delivery. As a Lenox Certified Weld Center, Mars Supply is committed to delivering the highest quality performance bandsaw blades on the market.

We've invested in the process and the equipment needed to consistently produce strong, flexible welds that enable Lenox bandsaws to perform to their optimal level. By delivering the highest quality-welded blades, our customers will benefit from increased cutting efficiency and speed; which will save you both time and money.

Have you heard of the Lenox GTO? The GTO (Guaranteed Trial Offer) will get you a Lenox blade that fits your needs and is guaranteed to outperform your present blade or receive your money back. This is perfect for any new Lenox customers!

Interested in learning more or need a custom bandsaw blade? Fill out the form on the Contact Us page and select "Certified Lenox Weld Center". We will respond quickly! Use the Lenox Blade Selector to search your bandsaw blade by its specifications.

Another great tool available is the Lenox SawCalc. SawCalc is a state-of-the-art, cut calculator application that matches your unique cutting needs with the perfect LENOX blade—making sure you get the job done right, cut after cut.

We carry thousands of feet of carbon steel, bi-metal and carbide-tipped coil stock so we are bound to have the blade material you need when you need it. We can weld up to 2" wide blades and can ship them the same day!

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