GRE3955137 MFG #: 3955137
$30.06 / EA
  • Series: GT30
  • Thread Size: #10-24
  • Chamfer Type: Semi-Bottoming
  • Thread Series: UNC
  • Number of Flutes: 3
  • Material: High Speed Steel-E-PM
  • Surface Treatment: TiN+CrC, C
  • Application: For blind hole applications
  • Application Material: Stainless Steel, Wrought Aluminum, Cast Aluminum, Copper and Copper Alloys
  • Attributes (Y): Y
  • Class of Fit: 3BX
  • Coolant Through: Yes
  • Direction of Cut: Right Hand
  • Direction of Flute: Right Hand
  • Image (Y): Y
  • Measurement Standard: Imperial
  • Overall Length: 2.37"
  • Shank Diameter: 0.194"
  • Thread Length: 0.47"
  • Type: Form C High Performance
Our powdered metal taps deliver highly reliable threads and superior performance in blind and through hole applications. The HP High Speed Steel-E-PM is the optimum choice for customers looking for high productivity and long tool life in material specific applications.
  • Item Features
  • New generation of high performance, high speed steel powdered metal taps for material specific tapping applications
  • High wear resistance and hot hardness without sacrificing edge strength
  • PVD coatings offer outstanding thermal stability, hot hardness, oxidation resistance and low coefficient of friction
  • Taps can be used in collet and hydraulic holders
  • Low runout of thread and chamfer
  • Long tap life at up to 50% higher tapping speed
  • Excellent chip control
  • Reliable performance
  • Exceptional thread quality
  • Optimized spiral flute design enables deep blind holes to be threaded
  • Proprietary coating (hardness 2300 Vickers) that combines the wear resistance of smooth TiN coating with a lubricous top layer of chromium carbide carbon
  • Optimum combination of grades, geometries and coatings to deliver higher quality threads and longer tool life
  • Coated High Speed Steel-E-PM, PVD heat and wear resistant high vanadium cobalt powder metal High Speed Steel substrate
  • Boost your productivity with our unique, highly wear resistant powder metal substrate, modified with a higher than standard cobalt content for greater heat resistance
  • Enhanced design for reliable thread in different materials
  • More resistant to edge chipping than carbide
  • Better performance at high speeds
  • Chamfer design for minimized chip load and lower torque
  • Manufactured from powdered metal high speed steel coated for thread cutting and thread forming in various applications
  • Offer performance advantages over other regular high speed steel taps