Cimcool Metalworking Fluid Solutions



CIMCOOL® Industrial Products LLC designs, manufactures and services quality metalworking fluids. We are committed to providing products that demonstrate our commitment to being Environmentally Responsible and Quality Conscious.




For more than a century, Milacron has been the industry leader in providing innovative solutions to maximize productivity in the metalworking industry. One hundred years of experience, research, and development in the machine tool industry provided the catalyst for the pioneering of CIMCOOL®, the first synthetic metalworking fluid. CIMCOOL® became a reality in the 1940′s and quickly earned a reputation of quality, providing excellent performance while maintaining standards.






The CIMPERIAL® line of products is designed for heavy-duty machining and grinding on both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. CIMPERIAL® soluble oils offer long fluid life, corrosion protection, high lubricity, low foaming characteristics and excellent rancidity control. CIMPERIAL® METALWORKING FLUIDS are always ‘machine friendly’ and engineered to save money on storage, handling, mixing, charging, makeup and maintenance costs. 



CIMTECH® synthetic products improve both machining and grinding applications without using mineral oil. CIMTECH® products were designed to provide clean, low foaming, synthetic metalworking fluids. The CIMTECH® family of products is applicable for both heavy and light-duty grinding and machining operations while providing superior results on ferrous and non-ferrous metals. The CIMTECH® family is formulated to reject tramp oil while providing a transparent fluid.                                          


CIMSTAR® are industry leading products, with a broad range of machining and grinding fluids which are recommended for general purpose and medium to heavy-duty operations. Ideal for ferrous and many non-ferrous metals, CIMSTAR® fluids commonly contain a low to moderate amount of mineral oil and are semi-transparent when mixed with water. CIMSTAR® is especially popular in applications that require long fluid life and cleanliness.



Today, CIMCOOL® specializes in fluids for machining and grinding, stamping, drawing and forming, production cleaners, and corrosion inhibitors, as well as specialty lubricants, high pressure fluids, green fluids, and fluid management equipment.