Supply Chain Management Services

​​​​​​The practice of providing customized supply chain management programs has been around at Mars Supply for more than 30 years. Our Supply Management Solutions group (SMS) offers sophisticated cost-reduction programs which include:

  • Crib Management Software
  • Vendor-Managed Inventory
  • Customized Usage Reports by Item Cell Department, Order and Person
  • Documented Cost Reductions
  • Multiple Virtual Warehouses for Customized Inventory Solutions
  • Access to Products and Services
  • Customized Process Forms
  • On-Site Machining Application Assistance and Training
  • Spot-Buy Sourcing Expertise
  • Keep-Fill Inventory Services
  • Remote Web-Based Inventory Monitoring
  • Consignment Inventory Programs
  • Vending Systems
  • Cabinet Drawer Systems
  • KanBan Systems
  • 5S/Kaizen Events to Uncover Waste

Maintaining an efficient and organized flow of products is vital to the success of a company. Our SMS team has built a solid track record for helping customers manage their supply chain. As members of Affiliated Distributors (AD) and supplyFORCE, we have vast sourcing capabilities that allow us to provide products that match each customer's unique situation. Click here to view or download our flyer.