Achieve Significant Cost-Per-Edge 
Savings with 4 Cutting Edges

Thanks to the versatility of the Double Turbo 16 inserts, you can reduce the number of products in your inventory and take on a wide range of workpiece materials and square shoulder milling applications. The inserts are double sides, meaning double the productivity in any application. 



Increase Tool Life, Reduce Power Consumption with Double Turbo 16 Inserts
Use the most positive helix cutting angle geometry on the market for lower power consumption, smoother cutting, and longer tool life. Together with high 90° angle accuracy and double-sided inserts, this solution generates a good surface finish and optimizes costs. Achieve extended tool life, reduced vibrations, and improved process reliability, thanks to the insert mounting security of three contact areas in its pockets, along with a center screw. 

The cutter body has a diamond-patterned surface which generates less heat due to reduced contact between chips and body, and the fact that it is stainless steel and nickel-free means it is environmentally friendly, too.


Save On Time
The longer your finishing operations take, the more time you spend machining a workpiece and the higher your cost per part. Now you can significantly shorten, or in some instances, eliminate your finishing time when machining with the Double Turbo inserts.


Productivity Kit Specials
Save time and money by adding these double-sided inserts into your inventory and take on double the operations with ease. Don’t just take our word for how much you can accomplish with the Double Turbo 16 inserts; try them for yourself. Check out our special prices on the Double Turbo productivity kits, only at Mars Supply.